Just imagine, you put your home on the market and not only does it quickly get multiple offers but some of those are over asking price. That’s such a great feeling, right?!    Then comes paperwork, legalities, negotiation, and an appraisal. The process of having your home appraised starts with someone coming to your house to inspect it from top to bottom, inside and out. This is done to assess the actual value of your home and is based on several components including the size of your lot and house, the condition that your house is in, any improvements that you’ve made along the way, and more. The potential risk here is that your home appraises for significantly less than the offer was for. That could cause the buyer to walk away from the deal if…

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Your first blog post

Variety of designer stores on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

Before you get started make sure to update your blog's title, metadata and hero image. You can find these settings by logging into your site and visiting the 'settings' area, then choosing  'Blog' from the left menu. 

To start creating your own blogs click the 3 line menu in the backend, choose content and then choose 'Blog Posts' from the left side menu.

Use the WYSIWYG editor to add your unique content, photos and embed videos. Once you are done scroll down and choose when to publish your post, add a preview image for social sharing and a new hero image.  Click 'Save' and you're done!

If you are new to blogging and not sure how to get started or if you're a seasoned expert looking for inspiration check out this thread on…

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